A natural gateway to the North America, Québec enjoys a unique geographical situation. Under the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Québec is integrated into a market of more than 450 million consumers.

Since the FTA came into effect, Québec’s international exports have grown from 20 % of gross domestic product in 1988 to 29 % in 2009.

Although the majority of Québec exports are destined for the United States (70 %), the European and Asian markets also trade with Québec, and respectively received 15.6 % and 6.4 % of the province’s exports in 2009. The United States is also the main source of Québec imports. Following from far behind are countries such as China, the United Kingdom, Algeria and Germany.

In 2010, the breakdown of the five main Québec exports was the following:

  1. Aluminum and alloys (10.4 %)
  2. Complete aircraft with engines (8.6 %)
  3. Newsprint paper (3.7 %)
  4. Copper and alloy (3.3 %)
  5. Derivatives of petroleum and of coal (3.0 %)

Import and export infrastructures 

Québec has very efficient export infrastructures (transport), whether maritime, rail, road or air transport. These infrastructures have contributed to the increase in national and international exports.