Québec Services.

Emergency Measures

During a disaster such as a forest fire, flood or serious industrial accident, the Organisation de la Sécurité civile du Québec coordinates emergency measures in order to limit the consequences of the event and to protect you. As part of civil protection, Services Québec and its government partners lend assistance in accordance with their responsibilities.

Services Québec : gateway to emergency information

Services Québec is the gateway to government information in an emergency situation. It is responsible for the “Communications” mission of the national civil protection plan, and coordinates communications for the government departments and bodies. Its role is to facilitate access to information that will enable you to make the right decisions.

Services Québec

  • provides information on the measures to take and the conduct to adopt, through Urgence Québec;
  • answers questions and provides information on government programs and services, through its Centre de relations avec la clientèle;
  • organizes public information sessions in the affected municipalities;
  • produces and disseminates the information that you need in various forms, for example guides and information pamphlets.

In addition, Services Québec supports government partners that provide emergency measures by :

  • producing and disseminating press releases from civil protection officials;
  • receiving and distributing requests for interviews from journalists;
  • organizing press conferences for civil protection officials;
  • accompanying elected representatives or journalists at disaster sites;
  • advising government authorities on communication strategies and objectives.

Informed citizens can take action

If you are well informed, you are able to help get the situation in your community back to normal. You also can act to protect those around you as well as your property. Information is at the core of solutions during emergencies, just as it is central to the mission of Services Québec. It is at your fingertips with Urgence Québec.